Committees & Topics

General Assembly Plenary (GA) - Position Papers Should Address Topics 1 and 2 ONLY.

   1. Energy Security and Use of Nuclear Energy

   2. Implementation of the Responsibility to Protect

   Security Council Elections [More Info - Please note that position papers should not address this. ]

[ General Assembly Plenary Background Guide (PDF) ]

Human Rights Council (HRC)

   1.  Trafficking in persons, especially in women and children

   2.  The Human Rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories

[ Human Rights Council Background Guide (PDF) ]

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

   1.  Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

   2. HIV/AIDS and its Impact on Conflict Affected Situations

[ UN Development Programme Background Guide (PDF) ]

Security Council (SC) and Reformed Security Council (RSC)

   1. Situation in the Middle East and North Africa

   2. Situation in Cote d’Ivoire

   3. Protection of fundamental human rights while countering terrorism

[ Security Council Background Guide (PDF) ]

[ Reformed Security Council Background Guide (PDF) ]

Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

   1. Principles, Goals and Objectives

   2. Scope

   3. Criteria and Parameters

   4. International Cooperation and Assistance

   5. Implementation and Verification

[ Explanatory Note on the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (PDF) - Read This First ]

[ Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty Background Guide (PDF) ]

[ Example Position Paper for the ATT (PDF) ]

[ These are not "topics" like in other committees at NWMUN, but are rather the sections of the final document that the Committee will produce. Please read the Explanatory Note, as well as the Background Guide, for more details. ]

*The elections of the Security Council non-permanent members are not a topic, but rather a process that will be simulated in the General Assembly. Therefore, it should not be addressed within GA position papers. This process will take place during the final committee session on Sunday, November 20th.