Position Descriptions (Executive Secretariat)

We accept applications from all qualified applicants. We do encourage those who wish to fill these positions have served on staff at a past NWMUN conference and have participated in Model United Nations for at least 1 year.

Secretary-General (SG): Chief Officer of the conference.

Director-General (DG): Chief Substantive Officer of the conference. Responsible for overseeing all substantive staff and taking part in the selection of all substantive staff members, as well as for drafting the committees and topics for the conference. Works with the Chief of Staff to organize staff training.

Chief of Staff (COS): Supports staff by organizing and communicating logistics of staff travel and lodging. Works with the Director-General to organize staff training. Also responsible for staff meetings and social events during the conference.

Assistant Secretary-General for Logistics (ASG-L): Responsible for all conference relations with the venue and hotel after the contract has been signed. Also responsible for ensuring day-to-day operations of the delegate computer lab and printing operations during the conference. Works with the Secretary-General to identify and communicate with outside donors.

Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services (ASG-CS): Responsible for day-to-day operations of Home Government. Also responsible for overseeing the printing of conference materials (conference guides, badges, placards, subsidiary substantive materials, awards, etc.). Finally, the ASG-CS will be primarily responsible for conference sponsorship/discount/scholarship programs and the Keynote Speaker.