Position Descriptions (Other)

Committee Rapporteurs: The Rapporteur of a committee is the organizational assistant to the Chairperson of a committee. They are responsible for keeping track of the speaker’s list, motions on the floor, time limits for speeches, moderated debate, suspension of the meeting, short comments, and procedural speeches. They are also responsible for aiding in the organization of working papers and draft resolutions being edited by the dais. In the Human Rights Council, the Committee Rapporteur is also responsible for presenting the committee’s work to the General Assembly Plenary.

Committee Pages: The Page of a committee is responsible for the transmission of documents within the committee, and between committees. The Page will take newly-approved draft resolutions to DPI for printing and disseminate printed copies to delegates, send documents between committee staff in various committees, as well as to and from the Secretariat, and will pass notes from delegates to eachother within and between committees.

Conference Services: Conference Services staffers will be the Administrative Assistants of the Conference. They will be responsible for helping in DPI with processing and printing, in Home Government with research, helping with creating Crisis Reports and formatting reports for the News Director to give to delegates, as well as a range of other tasks. They are the support staff and the backbone of the conference’s behind-the-scenes operations.