Advisory Board

Members of the NWMUN Advisory Board are volunteers who serve as part of the overall management structure of NWMUN. Advisory Board members are chosen based on their experience in Model United Nations delegation leadership, conference staff and Secretariat experience (including prior experience with NWMUN), and real-world experience with international affairs, especially issues affecting and affected by the UN and other international organizations and conferences.

Advisory Board members are asked to contribute to the substantive program of the conference, including helping with committee selection, topic selection, hiring of the Director-General and Chief of Staff, and contributing to the editing of the Background Guides based on their own substantive experience. We believe that their experience in international affairs helps inform their editing, improving the quality of analysis in our background materials. We believe their experience as staff at NWMUN and other conferences helps provide Advisory Board members with the knowledge of how to impart this knowledge. We believe that their experience in team leadership gives them an understanding of what our delegates need, and how best to present it to them. We list their names and relevant experience and involvement here to acknowledge their contribution to the high substantive quality, and overall success, of NWMUN.