Position Papers

Position Paper Instructions

Please pay careful attention to the following guidelines when drafting and submitting your position papers. Only those delegations that follow the submission guidelines will be eligible for position paper awards.

Position Paper Specifications

Each committee topic should be addressed briefly in a succinct policy statement representing the relevant views of your assigned country. You should also include recommendations for action to be taken by your committee. All delegations meeting the following criteria will be judged by the same method and equally considered for position paper awards. All papers must be typed and formatted according to the example in the background guides (following the specifications below will ensure this).

• Length must not exceed one double-sided page (two single-sided pages is not acceptable)

• Font must be Times New Roman sized between 10 pt. and 12 pt.

• Country/NGO name, School name and committee name clearly labeled on the first page

• Agenda topics clearly labeled in separate sections

• National symbols (headers, flags, etc.) are deemed inappropriate for NMUN position papers

- Formatting and Content Guidelines [coming soon]

- Sample Position Paper [coming soon]

- Sample Position Paper [coming soon]

Directions for Submitting Your Position Paper

Two copies of each position paper should be sent via e-mail by 7 November.


A file of the position paper (.doc or .pdf) for each assigned committee should be sent to the committee e-mail address listed below. Mail papers by 7 November to the e-mail address listed for your particular venue. Delegates should carbon copy (cc:) themselves as confirmation of receipt. Please put committee and assignment in the subject line (Example: ECOSOC_Armenia).


• Each delegation should send one set of all position papers for each assignment to positionpapers@nwmun.org. This set (held by the Secretary-General) will serve as a back-up copy in case individual committee directors cannot open attachments.

Note: This e-mail should only be used as a repository for position papers.

• The head delegate or faculty member sending this message should cc: him/herself as confirmation of receipt. (Free programs like Adobe Acrobat or WinZip may need to be used to compress files if they are not plain text.)

• Because of the potential volume of e-mail, only one e-mail from the Head Delegate or Faculty Advisor containing all attached position papers will be accepted.

Please put committee, assignment and delegation name in the subject line (Example: Cuba_U_of_ABC). If you have any questions, please contact sg@nwmun.org.