Registration & Fees

Registration is NOW OPEN!

Payment Deadline: 2 Weeks After Preliminary Countries Assigned

We assign countries on a first-come, first-served basis. When a team is given preliminary assignments, they have two weeks in which to pay the delegate and delegation fees for those countries; if they do not pay within two weeks, the countries will be released and other schools may request them.

Delegate Fee: $45 per delegate

Delegation Fees: $50 per school

Individual Registrant: $60 per delegate

Advisor / Head Delegate Fee: $15 per Advisor/HD

(The Advisor/HD Fee applies only if the person is not in committee)

Commuter Delegate Additional Fee: $25 per delegate

(This fee applies to delegates not staying at our official venue.)

Late Fees (10/21-11/17 Payments): $10 per school / $10 per delegate

Late Fees (Payment At Conference): $20 per school / $20 per delegate

This means that if a team pays on or before October 21 they will pay the fees listed under “Delegate Fee” and “Delegation Fees.” If a team pays after October 21 but before the conference, they will pay the Delegate Fee and Delegation Fees, as well as an additional $10 on each of those (so if the team is bringing five delegates, they will pay once for the delegation and five times, one for each delegate, for a total of six additional $10 charges or $60 total in late fees alone). If a team pays at the conference, they will pay a $20 additional charge instead of the $10.

Please note: All fees are non-refundable.

Registration Process

1. Read the Committees & Topics list.

2. Look over the Country / Committee Matrix.

3. Determine what countries you’d like to request.

4. Complete a registration request (Includes payment of the Delegation Fee).

5. NWMUN will respond with preliminary country assignments and an invoice.

6. Within two weeks of receiving assignments, follow the instructions in the invoice and pay the (non-refundable) remaining fees to secure country assignments.