Application (Other Secretariat)

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Personal Information

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Position Information

5. Position You Are Applying For:

6. Second Choice (if applicable):

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8. Please list all Model United Nations experience that you feel is applicable. You may include conferences attended as a delegate, conferences attended as a head delegate/adviser, conferences attended as a staff member, leadership in a Model United Nations team, etc.

9. Choose one or two specific lines in your answer to question 8. How did the experience gained from them help qualify you for this position?

10. Please list any relevant experience unrelated to Model United Nations.

11. Choose one or two specific experiences in your answer to question 10. How did the experience gained from them help qualify you for this position?

Additional Questions

12. All positions in the non-Executive Secretariat require a great deal of operation on one’s own; there will not be a great deal of direct supervision. How would you ensure that your direct supervisor on the Executive Secretariat, as well as all the members of the Secretariat, are kept abreast of what is happening with you and your specific area?

13. How do you see your position fitting into the long-term viability of NWMUN? How can your position help make the conference a success, outside of the specific job duties?

Additional Information

14. If there is any other information you’d like us to have, please attach it here or in a file attachment to the email. Please do not attach more than two (2) pages of additional material.

Thank you for applying for staff at Northwest Model United Nations!