Congratulations to all award winners from NWMUN 2011!
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General Assembly Plenary
Outstanding Delegate: Chile, Represented by Evin Sanders (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Finland, Represented by Tori Bishop (University of Washington - Seattle)
Distinguished Delegate: Gabon, Represented by Jay Virdee (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Maldives, Represented by Dhruv Dhawan (University of California - Irvine)
Distinguished Delegate: Palestine, Represented by Annie Sirski (Whitman College)
Position Paper Award: Finland, Represented by Tori Bishop (University of Washington - Seattle)
Position Paper Award: Israel, Represented by Matthew Howell (California State University - Chico)
Position Paper Award: Paraguay, Represented by Aisha Leapley (Western Washington University)

Human Rights Council
Outstanding Delegate: Bangladesh, Represented by Christen Kramer (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Cameroon, Represented by Steven Jordan (California State University - Channel Islands)
Distinguished Delegate: Poland, Represented by Kirsten Foster (California State University - Chico)
Position Paper Award: Jordan, Represented by Terrie Chan (University of British Columbia)
Position Paper Award: Poland, Represented by Kirsten Foster (California State University - Chico)

UN Development Programme
Outstanding Delegate: China, Represented by Katelyn Phillips (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Finland, Represented by Patrick Mullen (University of Washington - Seattle)
Distinguished Delegate: India, Represented by Kurt Harris (California State University - Channel Islands)
Position Paper Award: United States, Represented by Christina Gonzalez (University of British Columbia)
Position Paper Award: Pakistan, Represented by Mia Nafziger (Western Washington University)

Security Council
Outstanding Delegate: Lebanon, Represented by Shima Houshyar (University of Washington - Seattle)
Distinguished Delegate: United States, Represented by Dennis Kam (University of British Columbia)
Position Paper Award: Gabon, Represented by Erik Ratcliffe (California State University - Chico)

Reformed Security Council
Outstanding Delegate: United States, Represented by Miranda Leffler (University of British Columbia)
Distinguished Delegate: Colombia, Represented by William Campbell (Western Washington University)
Position Paper Award: Gabon, Represented by Kyle Norton (California State University - Chico)

Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty
Outstanding Delegate: New Zealand, Represented by Jesse Barnett (Western Washington University
Distinguished Delegate: Chile, Represented by Georgy Romanyuk (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Cuba, Represented by Alice Lau (University of Washington - Seattle)
Distinguished Delegate: Moldova, Represented by Grant Goforth (California State University - Chico)
Distinguished Delegate: Argentina, Represented by Chloe Brown (Bellevue College)
Position Paper Award: Bangladesh, Represented by Evan Brown (California State University - Chico)
Position Paper Award: Chile, Represented by Georgy Romanyuk (California State University - Chico)

Delegation Awards
Outstanding Delegation: University of California - Irvine (Head Delegates: Dhruv Dhawan and Nuha Abusamra)
Distinguished Delegation: University of British Columbia (Head Delegates: Dennis Kam and Terrie Chan)
Distinguished Delegation: California State University - Channel Islands (Advisers: Andrea Grove and Christopher Scholl)